Use SharePoint Online and OneDrive everywhere

Simple Pricing

1000 €725 per month

One User, many devices, including Terminal Services / Citrix.

No complicated tiers. You get access to all features.

You have access to all future updates, features & releases.

Price Table by

User Segments

KONNEKT is the Companion to OneDrive helping to solve any roadblocker by offering Citrix and Terminal Server support, multiple tenants and an intuitive Explorer integration for SharePoint/Team Sites and Office 365 Groups.

User Segments Monthly Costs (Yearly Payment)
Base Fee (incl. 25 users) 50 €
26 to 250 1 € per user in segment
251 to 1,000 0.60 € per user in segment
1,001 to 5,000 0.40 € per user in segment
5,001 to 10,000 0.30 € per user in segment
more than 10,000 0.20 € per user in segment

Frequently Asked Questions​

Sales and License FAQ - see Help Center for technical questions

  • What does the KONNEKT Trial include and for how long?

    A KONNEKT Trial provides you with full feature access for a period of 14 days. After this period expires, your trial will discontinue. 

  • What about future updates and features?

    When you're subscribed you'll have access to them as and when they're released.

  • Is the price per user or per device?

    KONNEKT subscription is per user. A user subscription can be user on multiple machines in parallel, including Citrix or Terminal Server usage. When ordering KONNEKT for your business, you just need the number of licenses for the users you intend to deploy KONNEKT for.

  • What about VAT/Tax?

    KONNEKT is an offer to corporate customers (gewerbliche Kunden). The calculated price per month is without value added tax (VAT). Depending on your country an additional tax will apply,

  • What form of payment do you accept?

    We accept yearly payment via Credit Card, Paypal, Wire Transfer. PO based orders on request. 

  • I have more questions?

    Drop us an email at —