All Office 365 files in your Windows File Explorer
– 100 % online


KONNEKT brings all your SharePoint Online files (SharePoint Online sites, OneDrive, Teams) to your Windows File Explorer.

Users enjoy auto-mapping, drive-letters and Co-Authoring. Admins can easily manage the KONNEKT clients via GPO or MDM policies.
KONNEKT uses native SharePoint Online APIs to ensure optimal performance and security. VDI including RDS, Citrix and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) / Windows 365 are fully supported. Since KONNEKT works online, no local disc space is wasted.

OS support
  • Windows
  • Windows Server
VDI Support
  • Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and Windows 365
  • Citrix
  • VMware
  • GPO (Active Directory)
  • MDM (Microsoft Endpoint Manager)
  • MSI package
  • Intunewin package
  • 25 to >100.000 users
Full service
  • Incident support and all updates included
Full service
  • KONNEKT runs on customer client
  • Data flows directly between client and SharePoint Online
ISO 27001

  • Map SharePoint Online libraries or folders to drive letters
  • Enables legacy apps to work with SharePoint Online files
  • Users can leverage UNC addressing for SharePoint Online files

  • Automatically maps all document libraries, you have access to
  • No manual site-based sync subscriptions for the user
  • Scope for Auto Mapping can be configured

  • Leverage Microsoft Office 365 Co-Authoring for Office files to ensure optimal collaboration

  • Map sites & libraries from multiple tenants

  • Admins can configure KONNEKT centrally (GPO or MDM)

GUI customization

  • Change node name in Windows File Explorer
  • Enable/disable user interface elements in Windows File Explorer and Windows Tray

KONNEKT Architecture

  • No sync
  • No waste of disc space

  • Data flows directly between KONNEKT client and SharePoint Online
  • No data privacy concerns

  • Access to M365 happens in the context of the current user, only
  • Users get access to files they have SharePoint permissions for, only

  • Leverages Azure AD Conditional Access
  • Registered as Enterprise Application in Azure AD

  • Usage of modern Graph and SharePoint API ensures features, security and performance
  • No WebDAV

  • .NET
  • Citrix versions
  • Microsoft365 Apps
  • OneDrive Sync Client