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Working with OneDrive and Sharepoint Online data was always a great idea. But a little less useful as long as you must synchronize everything between cloud and desktop. Not very intuitive, not very handsome, just impossible in CITRIX and Terminal Services environments. Until now.

KONNEKT lets you work natively with your Office 365 Data.
On your desktop! Fast as lightning. No need to sync.

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KONNEKT: A Quick Introduction

KONNEKT for Office 365: The missing link between cloud and desktop

How KONNEKT Works Step-By-Step

KONNEKT for Office 365 Overview

OnDemand Access (no sync)

With OnDemand Access (so called placeholders), you can work with all your files in the cloud without having to download them and use storage space on your device. You don’t have to change the way you work, because all your files can be seen in File Explorer and work just like every other file on your device. Generally speaking, the Office 365 cloud repositories look like an unlimited Fileserver to you.

OneDrive, Groups & Sharepoint Online

Microsoft Office 365 offers several types of document repositories. Every user has at least 1 TB storage capacity in the home share equivalent OneDrive for Business area, and depending on the license type up to 5 TB or even unlimited storage space. In addition the Sharepoint Sites and Office Groups offer an amount of documents and data to every cloud user.

Explorer Integrated

Within the well known Windows Explorer Window a new area is available to browse the cloud repositories. The authenticated user has access to all sites and groups available with his permissions and can browse through the folder structures to get the information needed. No need to prepare anything, if it's accessable to the user it's just a click away.

Drive Mapping, Network Shares

The whole Office 365 cloud storage is not only browseable like a network share, it is a network share for the Windows device. KONNEKT uses a deeply integrated network provider technology to offer a stable and performant cloud connectivity for the user. This includes a sophisticated implementation allowing UNC pathes like \\OneDrive\Marketing and even drive letter mapping.

CITRIX and Terminal Services

The OnDemand Access implementation is not only available to Windows clients (7, 8 , 8.1 and 10) but also for CITRIX or Terminal Servers. This will help deploying a cloud storage strategy for every user without the need to have different procedures for remote applications or virtual desktops. No local storage is needed to provide unlimited cloud storage to hundreds or thousands of users.

Advanced Features

Cloud storage access is not limited to a single tenant. KONNEKT is able to connect to multiple tenants simultaneously and have all accessable storage areas browsable on a single device. In addition KONNEKT supports the co-authoring of Microsoft Office 2016 without OneDrive clients or sync requirements.

OneDrive, Groups & Sharepoint

Windows Explorer Integration

KONNEKT makes all your cloud stored data become a genuine part of the local file system. Appearing just like an additional drive. This is possible because KONNEKT does not synchronize your computer with the Cloud. It connects the original files instead and brings them to your computer. You won‘t even notice a difference between working with your local files or working in the cloud.

Save local disk space. Work anywhere. Get KONNEKT.

Modern Workplace Companion

One Stop Navigation to Office 365

KONNEKT is a companion to Office 365 and OneDrive. You may decide to use KONNEKT side-by-side or by replacing the OneDrive client. But in every configuration KONNEKT is a helpful leap to the Office 365 ecosytem by providing not only the documents and data but also the right options to jump directly to the Sharepoint Online Site, providing the links to share or make the versions of a file accessible.

Be productive with Office 365 in a well known enviroment but with all the possibilities available today.

Drive Mapping, Network Shares

Seamless Fileserver Migration

Working with native OneDrive and Sharepoint Online data is provided through web site - which may take it's time to get to the point - or by selectively synchronizing files to the local disk. Both options are not directly comparable to familiar file server usage and several users and applications will fail. KONNEKT delivers the whole Office 365 cloud storage browseable like a network share with full UNC and drive letter support.

Get access to the future of work without loosing the productive and stable ecosystem people are familiar with.

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